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HEAVY WEIGHTS SHOW | Howl Festival New York
CLAYTON GALLERY & OUTLAW ART MUSEUM | 161 Essex Str. | New York | August 19, 2004

THE HOWL FESTIVAL is a Festival that takes place in Manhattan's Tompkins Square Park. It was founded in 2003 and held each spring through 2013 as a celebration of the arts history of the East Village and the Lower East Side. It was named for and inspired by Allen Ginsberg's poem HOWL and the Festival honors Ginsberg.

Invitationcard | Railroad Collage by Boris Lurie
INVITATIONCARD [Boris Lurie: Railroad Collage, 1959]


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A group show of artists who have worked on the LES for more than two decades, and a few of their friends with Jim Power, Taylor Mead, Peter Missing, David Leslie, Spider Webb, Elsa Rensaa, John Penley, Robert Parker, Jerry Pegane, Angel Orensanz, Marco, Boris Lurie, Shalom, Casanova, Louis Cartwright, Heine, Greg Fuchs, Herbert Huncke, Maze, Anthony Robinson, Jeffery Lerer, James Romberg, Marguerite Van Cook, Yuri Kaprolov, Eric La Prada, Anton Van Dalen, Tom de Vita, Steve Bonge, Clayton Patterson, Ann Ardolino, Dietmar Kirves, Mathilda Wolf, Peter Meseck, Seth Tobocman, Mac McGill, Julius Klein, Tomek Wendland, Jim C. and featuring Q. Sakamaki. — Andrew Rossi, who is quickly establishing a name for himself as an independent documentary film maker will shoot part of a film about Jerry Pagane. more