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    the strategic
    juncture where
    artistic production
    and socio-cultural
    action meet.


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2019  NEW WORKS | Website
2009  NEIGHBOORHOODS | Haus am Lützowplatz, Berlin
2008  EROTICART | Gallery Palazzo Vecchio, Vibonati/Italy
2007  EGO FRAGMENTS | NO!art webshow no. 1
2004  HEAVY WEIGHTS Show | Clayton Gallery & Outlaw Art Museum
2003  NO!-ON show | Gallery Berliner Kunstprojekt, Berlin
2001  WARE LIEBE | Gallery Schaufenster, Berlin-Prenzlauerberg, with overpaintings,
           electro animations and various paintings.
1997  NO!show | Clayton Gallery, New York, withmixed media experiments on paper.
1995  GUMMI, DIE ELASTISCHE FASZINATION (Rubber, the elastic fascination)
           Museum for Traffic and Technique Berlin. DAS GUMMIBILD live with three models
           and trance-music
1991  RANDOM IS RANDOM | SO 36, Berlin, theatre-show Gummi Pur with two models.
           PERLEN FUER DIE SAEUE (Pearls for the Pigs), participation in the art- and film festival.
           Live-show | Eiszeitkino, Berlin, with a triptych; video documentation.
1990  MULTIKULTIHOW NUMBER ONE | von Buelow Gallery, Berlin,
           participation with paintings and live-show with three models in Berlin.
1988  DOCUMENTA EROTICA | Ultimate Academy, Cologne. Paintings and live-show.
           DOCUMENTA BANANA | Ultimate Academy of Al Hansen, Cologne.
1985  ZUR PHYSIOLOGIE DER BILDENDEN KUNST, Künstlerinnen, Multiplikatorinnen,
           Kunsthistorikerinnen 1985-1987, portraits and materials published by Caroline Mueller,
           Berlin. Participation with selfportraits out of the serie „The Picture is alive“ and poems.
1981  CHINESE SHADOWS, participation with a live-show in the festival with international
           artists in the Grommet-Studio of Jean Dupuy, New York.
           GUMMI-SOLO - live, Piece II | Heidelberger Kunstverein, cataloge with text and pictures.
1980  RUBBER-MOTION AROUND THE SKY with the original Broadway-sound live in the
           Showing Room of Sharon Wybrants and the Harmonious Arts Foundation Inc.,
           565 Broadway, New York.
1975  RUBBER-OBJECT-PRODUCTION, Prototypes of rubber-cubes, sawn rubber-circles,
           latex-sandwiches etc. and sun-plexus rubber-ring pictures in Frankfurt/Main.
1974  KOERPERSPRACHE (Body-Language), Participation in the show with many international
           artists: Live-show Rubber piece I , DAS BILD LEBT (The Picture is alive) and an exhibition
           of objects. Catalogue and TV-report during the „Experimenta“ in the Frankfurter
           Kunstverein in 1974. In 1975 the show Körpersprache went from Frankfurt/Main to the
           Haus am Waldsee Berlin.
1973  MATHILDA GUMMI IM ZIMMER, Mathilda opens the cycle of the exclusive and exciting
           meff-shows in the Zimmer with Rubber-Piece I, live-show behind a rubber-screen,
           fixed in a door between two rooms, with siren-sounds and an exhibition of objects,
           photos and calligraphically score-drawings in Frankfurt/Main.
           LIVING RUBBER-PICTURES, Mathilda shows her very first living rubber-pictures
           behind red rubber in the Light-hall of the Staedel-Academy in Frankfurt/Main.
1972  SYNAESTHESIA, Lecture on synaesthesia in the auditorium of the Staedel-Academy with
           text- and picture-examples. Hearing and tasting colors, seeing sounds and experiments
           with reversal glasses in Frankfurt/Main.
           THE FIGURE KURT, show about my vision of The Wise Woman in the Staedel-Academy,
           action with blackboard, white chalk, black lawn, microphone, one color-slide,
           video-camera etc. in Frankfurt/Main.
1971  TASTE EXPERIENCE, happening and action in the Old Cinematheque
           of Jonas Mekas and George Maciunias in downtown Manhattan, Wooster Street, NYC.,
           sponsored by the Fluxus-artist Al Hansen, New York City.